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Realtime Voice Changing/Anonymizer, Text To Speech and Virtual Microphone Software
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  1. Description

    VMic is a software defined Virtual Microphone device. It can change your voice by using sofisticated voice morphing algorithm. It can turn text to speech. But the most important feature is that it installs a new virtual sound device into your computer, so it can be easy integrated into your favorite VoIP software like Skype.Talk to your friend with VMic and see if he can recognize who is speaking!

    Q: How much does it cost? A: It is free.

  2. Examples

    This is the original woman's voice - original.mp3
    And these are example of changed original voice with VMic:
    1. masculinized voice - masculinized.mp3
    2. squeaky voice - squeaky.mp3
    3. very deep voice - deep.mp3
    4. "Robot" voice - Robot.mp3
    5. "Ghost" voice - Ghost.mp3

  3. Installation

    Be sure that you are the Administrator. Download the latest VMic version installer. Just start the installer and follow instructions. In your favorite VoIP program go to the audio options and select VSND Idev input audio device. Now you can start using VMic.

    Here is a short video on how to install and use VMic software.

  4. Known issues

    1. "Unsigned driver" issue.

      On 64-bit version of Windows Vista and later during VMic installation you may face an error message about an attempt to install unsigned driver.
      Starting with 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, M$ driver code signing policy requires that all driver code have a digital signature. Moreover special Software Publisher Certificate (SPC) is reqired to sign kernel mode drivers. This sertificate is not free. That is not acceptable for free software.

      Disable driver signature enforcement.
  5. Feedback

    Please visit our Voice Anonymizer discussion group to leave feedback or ask question.

  6. Download


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